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The Real “Snowflakes” are Republicans and the Alt-Right Crowd

Since the election of Donald Trump as president, there’s been considerable denegration of liberals, progressives and Democrats by Trump fans and the Alt-Right who’ve resorted to derogatory language to insult us.  The terms “Snowflakes” needing a “safe space” often turn to acronyms like SJW for “Social Justice Warrior” or “cuck” as short for “cuckhold” to…

Cowards at Mimi Walters Office Closed Shop Early

This photo says it all; 400 people went to Congresswoman Mimi Walter’s Irvine office this afternoon.  Doors locked.  Staff gone.  Cowards….. an Update:  Here’s TV coverage of the protests and Mimi wasn’t the only Congressional rep in OC to shutter offices Tuesday;  Rep. Dana Rohrabacher closed his office early as well. Photo credit to Robert Goldberg.

Screaming at Mimi; Protests at Rep. Walters Office on Extreme Vetting and Healthcare

Rep. Mimi Walters (CD-45) might want to put more chairs out in her Orange County offices because protesters are going to be showing up on a regular basis. The next such appointment is Tuesday afternoon (1/31) with constituents very upset about the Congresswoman’s support of President Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional ban on Immigrants and Refugees…

Varasteh calls on Mimi Walters to Renounce Her Support of Trump

Ron Varasteh

Editor’s note: this is from the Ron Varasteh for Congress campaign:  Last week, the OC Register said there is “no reason to unseat” Mimi Walters, who is running against Ron Varasteh for U.S. Congress in California’s District 45 in Orange County. We couldn’t disagree more. On October 11, Ron Varasteh released a statement calling on…