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Two Orange County School Districts Spent $15 Million on Lawsuits

On Wednesday, California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse released a report entitled “Lessons in Lawsuits,” which details the litigation costs of 12 California school districts. Included is information about Santa Ana Unified (SAUSD) and Capistrano Unified (CUSD). According to the report, those two districts alone spent more than $15 million on lawsuits (the cost of outside counsel…

A Final Word from the CUSD Picket Lines

A last word from our striking teacher. “Well, its over. The tentative agreement wasn’t the best, but under the circumstances it was probably the best that could be achieved with such an intractable, obstinate board. Some teachers are overjoyed, while others are frankly upset. I think the devil is in the details. It’s a three…

Another Report from the Frontlines at CUSD’s Teacher Strike

Attendance on the line was down in some ways, and up in others. Some teachers had their layoff hearings today and couldn’t be there, but on the bright side, several teachers who worked yesterday came out and struck with us today – awesome! Think about that – teachers who are under risk of being laid off are striking. This should indicate just how serious this whole strike is to the future of our profession.

The Devil in the Details of the CUSD Strike

I’ve been writing about Capistrano Unified School District and the struggles with our current Board of Trustees. The teachers went on strike Thursday even as talks began regarding the contract imposed by the CUSD Board of Trustees.

The details are important because they seem to be getting lost in translation between the media, the administration, the union and the parents. The issue is that Teachers are willing to take pay cuts, they just don’t want them to be permanent. There are other issues as well, which I’ve written about but the real issue is the board, who funded their race and the ultimate goal of a number of organizations to privatize our public education system.