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Rolling Stone Magazine: GOP’s Crackpot Agenda

Rolling Stone Magazine’s political coverage has been sharp and detailed in its reporting, a far cry from the brilliant yet gonzo journalism style employed by the late Hunter S. Thompson, but this piece in the Magazine’s year end review details how the Republican party platform for the 2012 presidential race isn’t all that different from candidate to candidate.

Rebuilding Our Economy to Work for Middle Class Americans

Today, the President will speaking in the Cleveland, Ohio about his vision for the future of the American economy and about specific ways to move our economy forward. This morning White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer laid out the stakes on the economy ahead of the President’s remarks in Cleveland this afternoon.

Obama Weekly Address: Honoring the American Worker

In his weekly address, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to America’s workers and the middle class. Even before the current recession hit, the middle class had been hurting from stagnant incomes and declining economic security. To repair the economy and strengthen the middle class, the administration has invested in infrastructure projects that will lead to jobs in the private sector, taken emergency steps to prevent the layoffs of hundreds of thousands of teachers and cops, and cut taxes for 95 percent of working families. The President is fighting to pass a law that will provide tax breaks for folks who create jobs in America

Best Person to Head New Consumer Protection Agency Opposed by Tim Geithner

Elizabeth Warren presents the best defense for the middle class. It is imperative she head the new agency that will ultimately defend consumers from the the practices of the banking and credit card industries. Far from being a crony to the financial kings, she has been the most vocal advocate of an agency dedicated to the interests of consumers.