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Video of Soccer Fee’s vote doesn’t back up press statements from Tinajero and Martinez

What I had not realized until I reviewed the video of the September 7th meeting is that not only did the Council reduce the fees, they suspended them for one year. While the revised motion was driven by Councilman Sarmiento, he stated in the beginning of his commments on the matter that he was aware that other Councilmembers had been contacted about the fees. It is clear from the video that staff had made clear, and the Council was fully aware, of what they were voting on and what leagues were impacted. Below is the video, watch it yourself and see what you think.

Michele Martinez Responds to Santa Ana Gang Arrests

Santa Ana- I want to make it clear that I will not tolerate gang violence regardless of who is involved.  The city has been complacent and lethargic in responding to gang activity.  I am driven to break this counterproductive culture.  I have advocated significant investment in community policing to help curtail gang violence.  By developing…