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Sanctuary Cities vs. Welcoming Cities

Dr. Jose F. Moreno’s contribution to the next Anaheim City Council agenda was to discuss the possibility of turning Anaheim into a “welcoming city” which created a measure of confusion when compared with Santa Ana’s declaration of becoming a “sanctuary city.” The difference is stark.  “Welcoming City” status, while referencing immigrants, seems to trend towards…

Hispanic 100 Reception at Sarmiento Home Irks OC Democrats

Over the weekend, my email box was filled with emails from readers complaining about a reception for the Hispanic 100 at the home of Santa Ana councilman Vince Sarmiento which was attended by a number of Santa Ana residents and Democrats.  The reception welcomed Josefina Vazquez Mota (in the white outfit), a conservative candidate for…

Diaz & Pulido, Two sides, Same Coin

On November 2nd, I truly hope the people of Santa Ana have a revolution at the ballot booth and boot Pulido from office. Then, and only then, will many of the South County and Hills Democrats open their eyes and see for themselves the real Pulido, a man more concerned with the perks of office and impressing his buddies in South County and The Hills than taking care of the people he was entrusted to care for.

200 Years of Mexico, 100 of Revolution

In recent posts, I have been drawing parallel’s between the events in Mexico in 1810 and 1910 and events in Santa Ana in 2010. There are similarites, particularly with the Mexican Revolution of 1910 here in Santa Ana today. With this bit of education from the festival, hopefully voters will see this and act accordingly this November.

Vacation in Mexico

Sorry folks, I have been on a brief hiatus to take the first family vacation in years to Mexico, and what a wonderful trip it was. Reading the blogs it looks like a lot went on while I was gone, especially the Santa Ana City Council doing their best impression of the old ruling party of Mexico, the PRI, by blatantly silencing free speech. So while the City Council flipped the bird to the US Constitution and the most successful Latino blogger EVER continued to neglect his problems and focus on blogging, I was travelling around some of the most beautiful areas of Mexico with my family.

Arizona Passes Anti-Immigrant Law, Now What!

This is the Arizona state legislature for you. The Republican controlled legislature has approved of making Latinos second class citizens, claims President Obama is not a US Citizen (which I believe should qualify as treason), has said it is ok for husbands to rape their wives and that Martin Luther King Jr. is NOT a national hero. They are just one step away from putting Latinos into concentration camps, I better stop now, that just might give them the idea.

Bower’s Museum Showcases Latin American Art

By popular demand, two new exhibits showcasing art from Latin America have begun and will go until January of next year. The first is the Boroque World of Fernando Botero. Fernando Botero is an accomplished artist from Colombia. The exhibit began September 12th and goes until December 6th. The exhibit will feature over 100 paintings,…