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NO SALE! Funny Video from LA Democratic Party on Whitman

As you know, it is virtually impossible to turn on the television these days, listen to the radio, or drive down the street, without seeing or hearing the results of Meg Whitman’s limitless spending in her quest to become California’s next Governor. In an effort to break through the noise of Meg’s latest expenditures the Los Angeles County Democratic Party produced this new video, “No Sale” exposing Whitman’s attempt to buy California

CA Dem Party To File Complaint Against Whitman Front Group “SBAC”

The California Democratic Party today announced it will file an official complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against a group supporting Republican Meg Whitman’s run for governor by waging dishonest attack ads against Jerry Brown. The complaint will allege that the “Small Business Action Committee” is spending hundreds of thousands more on political activities than is permitted under its 501(c)(4) status, and that as a possible consequence, SBAC may have to disclose the identity of its donors who are currently anonymous.

The California Elections Comedy Show

We’re in Full Election Mode in California now. Candidates have been criss-crossing the State. But, the real push will begin after labor day. But, it is turning out to be quite a show–and a comic one at that. On the one hand, there is the Jerry Brown v. Meg Whitman battle to take the top…

Jerry Brown Starts to Pull Away in Polls

No surprise that a recent Reuters poll reports Jerry Brown pulling away with a six-point lead over Meg Whitman in California’s gubernatorial race: her detail-free campaign rhetoric doesn’t make sense. Just imagine… Whitman’s “proposal to eliminate 40,000 state worker positions” is so lacking in rudimentary common sense that even failed Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called…

CA Working Families releases new anti-Whitman ad

California Working Families has released a new campaign ad highlighting the differences between the world Meg Whitman lives in and the world the rest of us live in. Whitman says she will run California just like she ran her company. She racked up the second highest rate of personal travel on her corporate jet and…