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LA Times: Brown, Boxer Lead in Polls

AG Jerry Brown and Senator Barbara Boxer are beginning to pull away from tight election races according to this story in the Los Angeles Times. The survey cites negative reaction to both Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina by likely voters. From the story: “Democrat Jerry Brown has moved into a narrow lead over Republican Meg…

Meg Whitman and the California Business Exodus Lie

New data today from the Public Policy Institute of California again calls into question political claims that a mass exodus of businesses from the Golden State is underway. Tops on the list: the District of Columbia, where 6.9% of jobs from 1992-2006 were lost due to an exodus. Compare that to California’s record over the same 14 year period: 1.7%.

California Democratic Party Files IRS Complaint Against California Chamber of Commerce

“The California Chamber of Commerce’s lack of disclosure in this case constitutes a critical failure of transparency and accountability,” said Hilary Crosby CPA, Controller of the California Democratic Party. “We would hope that the Chamber spend more time minding their books and ledger sheets instead of engaging in smear campaigns against Democratic candidates here in California.”

Bill Clinton to Campaign for Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom

Jerry Brown announced the terrific news today that President Bill Clinton will join him and Gavin Newsom, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, on the campaign trail on October 15 and 17, which should effectively kill Meg Whitman’s phony innuendoes of a Clinton-Brown feud. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brown announced at a press conference, “I am very…

Ceci and Meg: A Picture paints a thousand words

Among those 300 women was Cecilia Iglesias, the self proclaimed Independent challenger to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. We have written since the start of her campaign that Cecilia Iglesias is nothing more than a Republican plant, funded clandestinely by supporters of Republican nominee Assemblyman Van Tran. We have pointed out the fact that Iglesias has posted pictures of herself with a variety of high profile Republicans on her website.

Shame on the Flash Report

…and contributor Jim Lacy for a post titled “Boxer Apologizes for Racist Comments.” The post references racist comments directed by boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who said a number of offensive and racist comments against his opponent, Manny Pacquiao, in an upcoming fight in Arlington, Texas.  The headline would have readers believe that Senator Barbara Boxer…