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New California Online Disclosure Law to Impact OC Blogsphere


Orange County has a very healthy range of political blogs to choose from.  The dirty little secret, is that many of the bloggers at the better known sites are also paid political consultants.  Some disclose their conflict.  Others do not.  But even the ones that don’t, it’s an open secret that their “opinions” are bought…

Job Opening: The Rewrite Edition


On Friday, we wrote about the posting of a job opening for a Senior Legislative Assistant at County of Orange. Our sources had informed us that the position had been specifically opened up to provide retired Supervisor Bill Campbell’s Chief of Staff Laura Cunningham with a place to land. We may have been wrong.

A Reader Rebuttal worth Reading

April Fool's 2007

On April Fool’s Day 2007, Mike Lawson pulled the perfect prank announcing that Red County has acquired the Liberal OC blog and changed the name to “The Blue Minority” with a tag line “Because even Liberals should get the chance to speak.”  A political reporter from the Register actually bought it and called Matt Cunningham…

Does Spelling Count?

Much to the chagrin of our favorite blog troll “DKMFAN” (hi Sean Mill!), Matt Cunningham and I are Facebook friends and we do carry on a combination of chatter and debate on our respective Facebook pages.  Lately, the conversation has to do with President Obama’s action (or inaction) in regards to Libya. No regardless of…

James Rainey on Civil Discourse by Commenters

Chip Hanlon’s Red County post about censorship by the Fullerton School District in blocking the Friends for Fullerton’s Future was an excellent post not only for the topic, but for the comments it generated.  One commenter had a comment blocked for violating Red County’s terms of service prompting a discussion of censorship (that term only…