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The Greatest Gift of All

Love. Love is a many splendid thing. Love is awesome. Love feels good. But what if you couldn’t be with the one you love? What if you couldn’t have the one you love? What if you weren’t allowed to love the one you love? Think I’m crazy?

Milk, Prop 6, and Prop 8

Last weekend I traveled to Santa Monica to see the new film Milk because I couldn’t wait until this Friday when it opens here in Santa Ana. It’s a powerful film well put together and even though the ending is known and revealed at the beginning, it still comes as a shock. I actually forgot…

Want to Overturn H8? Find Out How This Saturday!

Last month, civil rights advocates all over California, and the nation, were horrified & depressed by the passage of Proposition 8, the marriage equality ban. However, there has been some good news since Election Day. The California Supreme Court has agreed to the legal challenge of Prop 8, due to the legally questionable way it…

NY Times on The Court’s Prop 8 Challenge

Look what I found in today’s New York Times. Apparently, they can’t see why the California Supreme Court should allow Prop H8 to stand. Why? Read this: The court has correctly determined that the equal protection clause prohibits governmental discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, which extends the right of marriage to same-sex couples.…

So Much for the “Black v. Gay Divide”

One of the most disingenuous memes from the post-Prop 8 fallout in California is that “African-Americans don’t get along with gays and vice-versa”. Nothing could be further from the truth… Especially for people who are African-American AND LGBT! Here, take a looksy at this protest in LA’s historically black Leimert Park neighborhood last weekend. See…

The Gift of Equality

On Saturday night, I went out to the historic Orange Circle to join some friends in asking for a special gift for the holidays. We weren’t asking for anything expensive or extravagant. All we really want is equality.