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Super Tuesday for Trump and Hillary

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Super Tuesday is here and the good news is when the Wednesday morning sun rises, both major parties will have clear frontrunners that are almost impossible to stop.  For Bernie Sanders fans, celebrate his decisive win in Vermont which has far fewer people than OC.  Hillary wins every other state pretty decisively. For Republicans, it…

Possible Picks for the Supreme Court; Is Kamala Harris a Fit?

Panda stalks Harris

After wading through an ocean of Tweets suggesting President Obama had Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia murdered, and calls from Republican Senators to delay the process until a new president is elected (which they assume will be a Republican), it’s time to get on to the serious business of shortlisting a replacement for the nation’s…

Political Terrorism from Alledged Fiscal Conservatives

pile of money

The Republicans in Congress have succeeded in shutting down the Federal Government, having learned nothing from the shutdown of the Federal Government under Bill Clinton or the jitters of Wall Street from the summer of 2011. The shutdown is not about Obamacare so much as it is about the debt ceiling; the ability of our government…