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Did Galloway really think nobody would notice?

Fourth District Supervisor candidate Lorri Galloway has reported a payment of $850 to the same property management company that she was renting her home from. “Galloway said the payment was not for rent for her personal living quarters — it was for her campaign headquarters, which was on the same property.

Have Coffee with Lorri Galloway

We got this from the Lorri Galloway for Supervisor campaign; Lorri’s hosting a coffee in her new home in Anaheim’s Colony neighborhood. — Lorri invites you to enjoy  a cup of  Java and talk about her exciting race for Orange County Supervisor. Visit with her at her lovely restored historic home in the Anaheim Colony…

Will Galloway Support Correa?

Because I am so willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Ms. Galloway, we will operate under the belief that she had nothing to do with recruiting Sue Perez. I admit, her past adversarial relationship with Senator Correa and her closeness to Sue Perez do raise some questions, but I believe her, for now.…