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Death Panel Myth Returns! Just in time for Christmas

It seems that once the right-wing noise machine realized that they would be unable to stop health care reform legislation in the Senate they reverted to PolitiFacts Lie of the Year, Death Panels, to scare the hell out of people; just in time for Christmas. Palin, Morris, Limbaugh, and Bachmann all jumped on the wagon.

Why I Love Conservative Talk Radio’s John and Ken Show

If you’re happy that Rush Limbaugh has been giving headaches to Republican leaders trying to find a popular political stance for their shrinking party, you’ll be thrilled to hear about the migraines that a conservative-libertarian talk radio duo named John and Ken are giving to the leadership of the Republican Party in California. While Limbaugh…

Hannity Interviews Limbaugh on Obama

[youtube]oyYT9DC8hYU[/youtube] You need to see this for yourself.  Keep in mind how these two clownshoes regarding George W. Bush during his presidency.  And remember, they are defending an ideaology – conservatism – that was a massive fail in the last term of President George W. Bush. The premise that the mainstream media hasn’t vetted Barack…