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Jerry Amante’s $10,000 Fib


Earlier this month, when Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante announced that “not a single signature” had been turned in for his recall, he incorrectly assumed not a single one had been gathered.  The fact was the RecallAmante committee came close to but lacked the minimum number of signatures to trigger the recall; rather than turn the…

Hieu Lies 2.0

Hieu Nguyen says he was promoted to Assistant Clerk of the Board in 2006. Dictionary.com defines a promotion as an advancement in rank or position. That seem ather straight forward. In order to call something a promotion, you need to be advanced in rank or position.

Hugh Nguyen seems to have a problem telling the truth

Revelation of his lack of truthiness could not have come at a more inopportune time for Mr. Nguyen. Despite being the sole Republican running for the non-partisan Clerk Recorder’s office, Hugh Nguyen failed to receive the endorsement of his own party. This week seems to have gotten off to a bad start for Hugh.

Moorlach’s Great Wall and Personal Green Zone

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how something that looks bad at first glance can look even worse upon closer inspection. This holds especially true with the Board of Supervisors remodel of their exterior lobby on the fifth floor of the Hall of Administration. Board Chairman (until Tuesday, January 13th) John Moorlach has…

Let’s Count the Lies

[youtube]PLswpZtca48[/youtube] A new site called McCainPedia.com has documented and backed up 56 lies so far from the McCain/Palin camp. The assumption is if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.  We can’t allow John McCain and Sarah Palin to move into the White House on a backbone of lies.