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The Hypocrisy of John McCain – Missing CSPAN Video Footage Found!

Last Friday, Rachel Maddow pointed out the hypocrisy of John McCains outrage over Joe Lieberman being denied a few extra moments by Senator Franken during the debate on health reform legislation. McCain claimed the he had never, in all his years in the Senate, witnessed a member be denied extra time like was done by Senator Franken. Seems in 2002, McCain did exactly the same thing.

Observations on the RNC

Diversity isn’t a strong point among rank and file Republicans.  There’s the occassional African-American man or Asian woman, but the RNC stands are filled with white faces.  Nothing wrong with that, but in contrast with the DNC last week in which 25 percent of the delegates were black, 5 percent Asian, 10 percent gay/lesbian, and…