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Psychology Today: Liberals are Smarter

We can’t say we’re surprised but according to an article in the journal Psychology Today, Liberals are smarter than Conservatives (no separate testing was done for Tea Party members). Now I’m certain this article is going to raise the hackles of those on the right, but read the story to conclusion and then make a…

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 8)

I began the week a bit hopeful despite a cold, damp and wet week. It sure was a wet one around South County. Towards the end of the week, it was really cool to see some sunshine after a long few days of rain. With the advent of sunshine, though, people again came out to make their case for help.

The Register’s First Step to the Left

  Our first great April Fool’s gag was an announcement that TheLiberalOC had been acquired by OCBlog (now the heart fo the RedCounty blog).  The tag line on the new “Blue Minority” blog template was “even liberals should get the chance to speak.” The story was so convincing, that a Register political reporter — who…

Crashing the “Drinking Conservatively” Party

Since Drinking Liberally usually features a few conservatives every Thursday that we can carry on an intelligent conversation with over our favorite beverage, I decided to crash the inaugural “Drinking Conservatively” event in Costa Mesa last night. And my thanks to Red County publisher Chip Hanlon for the warm welcome. I had a great conversation…