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RIP: The Fairness Doctrine

The FCC yesteday effectively killed the Fairness Doctrine, which had been effectively deregulated since the Reagan Administration, along with about 80 other rules affecting broadcast communication that the Obama Administration considers “out of date.” I believe this is a mistake. Mass media have evolved into multiple sources of media from a host of new satellite…

Psychology Today: Liberals are Smarter

We can’t say we’re surprised but according to an article in the journal Psychology Today, Liberals are smarter than Conservatives (no separate testing was done for Tea Party members). Now I’m certain this article is going to raise the hackles of those on the right, but read the story to conclusion and then make a…

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 8)

I began the week a bit hopeful despite a cold, damp and wet week. It sure was a wet one around South County. Towards the end of the week, it was really cool to see some sunshine after a long few days of rain. With the advent of sunshine, though, people again came out to make their case for help.