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Building/Construction Trades Demand Diamond’s Removal from DPOC Leadership

TheLiberalOC has obtained a letter from the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council to Henry Vandermeir of the Democratic Party of Orange County that unless Greg Diamond, a lawyer and candidate for District Attorney, isn’t removed from Diamond’s Vice Chair of the DPOC North leadership post, the union will immediately withdraw all support of…

OCTA Sues Yorba Linda Water District

Now that the election is over, we’re back to something more meaningful and the actual actions of government agencies.  After months of futile negotiations, the OCTA has decided to sue the Yorba Linda Water District for $1 million because a pipeline that’s been in place for decades needs to be moved to accommodate the OCTA’s…

Doing the People’s Work-Part II

So much for the “fiscal conservatives” in Tustin; Blogger Jeff Gallagher had a terrific post yesterday that was overshadowed by the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality on Heatlhcare Reform.  The issue in Tustin — $600,000 budgeted for “legal services” and the cost of two lawsuits against Tustin Unified has now exceeded $800,000. The lawsuits…

Righeimer’s Charter Won’t Be On The June Ballot

I just learned a little while ago that Judge Franz Miller ruled today against the City of Costa Mesa in their effort to force the OC Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley to place Righeimer’s Charter on the ballot in June. As outlined in his preliminary ruling released yesterday, Miller found that the City had not established any irreparable harm if the measure were delayed until the November election.

Art Pedroza And The Blog War of HIS Creation

A recent post and e-mail sent out by Orange Juice blogger and former friend Art Pedroza would have you believe that somehow we all have been engaging in some sort of Blog War over the past year. He tries to spin some story to make readers somehow feel sorry for him and his current woes at the same time trying to claim Dan, Chris and myself are the sole villians in this affair. Below is his “woe is me” e-mail to people trying to somehow instill pity.