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The 411 on Santa Ana’s Newest Park

Park Place

The city of Santa Ana has a teeny amount of public park space per resident compared to just about every other city in Orange County (save Stanton), so when a new park is announced, it’s a big deal especially when it is close enough for use by Willard Intermediate School students and the surrounding neighborhood.…

Clueless or Racist?

When I read the Voice of OC headline “County Supervisors Balk at Use of Spanish Word in Health Promotion” I had to ask myself the simple question, are they clueless or racist? After watching the discussion on the video, I’m leaning towards clueless.

Let’s Build Parks for People in Santa Ana

One of the biggest gripes in the City of Santa Ana has to be the lack of access to parks for the majority of the city’s residents. Park space is scarce in this city. The City boasts a total of 35 parks citywide, although looking at the list, there are a couple of names listed…