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Fools Day Freak Outs

Some people just cannot tell, even with a “badly Photoshopped” picture of Chuck Devore getting punished, that our post on the Young Eagles was an April Fool’s prank. Although it did have a good mix of accurate and speculative information, there were some very obviously absurd points that were simply parody. The post was kind of meant as a “Where’s Waldo” for the GOP. Find what is not true and win a “booby” prize.

The Ken Calvert Corruption Chronicles, Episode 6

The Ken Calvert Corruption Chronicles are weekly reviews of Ken Calvert’s 18 years in Congress. The series will look into Calvert’s record of hypocrisy, extremism and corruption. This is Episode 6. Episode 6: Repeal health care?  Really? This past Sunday, the President and Congress came through on a promise made to the American people –…

The Ken Calvert Corruption Chronicles, Episode 4

March is Women’s History Month. It seems like a great time to look a little closer at Ken Calvert’s record when it comes to women. In 2009, Ken Calvert voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The sole aim of this bill was to provide for equality in the workplace by restoring legal recourse against pay discrimination.

Hedrick: Ken Calvert’s shady land is an ‘embarrassment’

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Correction: Congressman Probed story October 19, 2009 — In an Oct. 17 story about an alleged improper sale of publicly owned land, The Associated Press erroneously reported that a newspaper said the FBI was investigating Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Calif. The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported the FBI had sought information on a lawsuit against an agency…