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Truman Dinner is a Huge Success

Tonight’s sold out Truman dinner was a huge success and drew a large crowd of Democrats inside and about 100 protesters outside. House speaker Nancy Pelosi was delayed by traffic but her rousing speech, very focused on healthcare reform, more than made up for the tardiness.

A Tale of Four Democrats Episode 1: Primary Sins

It is interesting to see Lorri Galloway supporters lob accusations at Tom Daly and others over whether or not they are good Democrats. Galloway’s supporters seem to be filled with a self-righteous zeal to point out who are good and bad Democrats throughout Orange County. Reading their comments and listening to Lorri herself, one would…

CA-46: In Costa Mesa

Ah, what a weekend! There’s really nothing like a good, old fashioned neighborhood walk to soothe one’s soul! Whenever I get nervous about the election, I schedule some time to walk and I feel so much better afterwards. And you know what else? I also helped two very special people in their efforts to get…

Taco’s for Foley

Join us at Taco Tuesday at the Chronic Cantina.  $10 for all you can eat taco bar and a margarita.  Friends for Foley gets a portion of the proceeds.

Support Costa Mesa Councilmember Katrina Foley

Costa Mesa City Councilwoman Katrina Foley has accomplished a lot in 4 years, but there is much work to be done to continue to make Costa Mesa great for families. Katrina is one of our up and coming Democratic stars. She has weathered attacks under an ultra-conservative Republican majority on the city council and continues…