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Republicans Litter Irvine with Political Signs Against Someone Not Running

AgranAudit signs

Irvine drivers along Michelson were treated to a fresh batch of orange “AgranAudit” signs on both sides of the roadway.  These signs were allowed during last fall’s political season as Larry Agran was running for re-election.  But Agran is out of office.  There’s no city election.  And the Irvine Police report numerous calls from residents…

Fine Levied in 2012 Irvine Election Dark Money Case

Jon Fleischman

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a $14,000 fine has been levied against a Pennsylvania donor and a Virginia non-profit for disguising contributions in the dark money donation that helped topple the Democratic majority in the 2012 City of Irvine Elections.  It’s a wholly-inadequate fine and proves elections can be purchased for the right buyer.…

Republican-Led Red-Baiting Lives on in Irvine

Allan Bartlett

  Twitter is a marvelous tool for some — 140 characters to demonstrate a complete lack of tolerance, demagoguery and good old-fashioned McCarthyism all directed by conservative Irvine city commissioners and senior officials in the Republican Party in the wake of last week’s city council meeting in which there was an effort to expand Irvine’s…