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Supes “Free Willi”-ams to continue business as usual

I’m sure that the fact that Williams personal attorney Phil Greer has represented all of the sitting members of the Board of Supervisors except for John Moorlach couldn’t possibly have played a role in the decisions of Supervisor’s Bates and Nguyen to oppose the solution recommended by CEO Tom Mauk (snark). Bates proposed looking into the matter further when the Board discusses the next County budget in May.

News Roundup: 7-01-09

So in the news today we have a few items that you may want to know about. Governor, lawmakers blow deadline as budget hole deepens: The legislature and governor could not agree to anything yesterday. So we have now lost $3.3 billion in savings that would have been available to meet the shortfall. The state…

First Street, Now Williams. Moorlach Gets It Wrong Again.

“Out of control personnel practices have created an organization top heavy in management and riddled with unhappy workers required to do much more work than what is considered typical,” the report concluded. “The need for change is evident.” That quote is from a Grand Jury Report released yesterday about the County Public Guardian / Public…