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Vice President Biden Delivers Weekly Address: Tax Cuts & Unemployment Insurance


With President Obama visiting troops in Afghanistan, Vice President Biden delivered this week’s address, in which he said Congress must extend both the middle class tax cuts and unemployment insurance this year. The combined economic blow of raising taxes on the middle class and cutting two million Americans off of unemployment insurance would wind up costing the country hundreds of thousands of jobs. And, to say that during these challenging times, we cannot afford to provide a lifeline to millions of Americans, but we can afford to give tax cuts to the wealthiest two percent is not just bad economic policy, it is also wrong.

Have it your way

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm4cYRGANL4&feature=related[/youtube] Under the “how low can you go” category, Fox host (don’t call it Fox News, Faux News maybe) Sean Hannity criticizes President Obama for asking for a spicy mustard or Dijon mustard for his cheddar burger run with Vice President Joe Biden last week.  Is this what’s it ‘s come to? The president is…

Five Ways that Obama Should NOT Emulate Lincoln

Much has been made of Barack Obama’s identification with Abraham Lincoln. Of course, Lincoln makes a powerful role model for any president, especially in troubled times. But there are at least ways in which Obama should not follow Lincoln’s example, and five corresponding ways in which Lincoln should serve Obama as an example of what NOT to do.

What are McCain/Palin afraid of?

One of Senator McCain’s aides was quoted saying this campaign was not about the issues.  Now McCain won’t show up to a scheduled debate this Friday in Mississippi and the campaign is also seeking to postpone the VP debate with Gov. Palin and Senator Joe Biden. The truth is, they don’t want to debate.  Both…

WDYT: What Are You Expecting After This Week?

So how are you feeling about the state of the race now? The Obama-Biden ticket has been set. Democrats are energized going into Denver. What could go wrong? Well, the Dems in Denver must be hoping that nothing goes wrong this week. The polls are tight, and a good week in Denver may be just…