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Bill Clinton and Joe Biden Come to Irvine

BillClinton-6-24-2007 031

Hat tip to OC Weekly (see Gustavo, that’s how it’s done) for the news that former President Bill Clinton arrives in Irvine today and Vice President Joe Biden will come to Irvine tomorrow as part of two day Patient Safety & Technology Summit at the Hotel Irvine (the former Hyatt) off of Main Street and…

Joe Biden: Fired Up! Ready to Go!

Vice President Joe Biden speaks to DNC2012 (Photo: John Christian Hansen)

Thursday night Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama laid out the clear choice for America in this year’s election. We can fall back into the failed policies that got our country in a mess in the first place; or continue the journey forward on the road to recovery of our economy and our nation.

Labor Day in Charoltte – DNC2012

Carolinafest Main Stage - Charlotte, NC (Photo: John Christian Hansen)

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Democratic National Convention officially kicks off today. For Labor Day the convention participants joined thousands of Charlotte area residents for the annual Carolinafest in the city center. At least three thunderstorms blew through during the day. Storms like these are predicted throughout the week. This should make for an interesting evening at Bank of America Stadium when President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden deliver their acceptance speeches.

Comic Books Go Political in Long Beach this Weekend

The Long Beach Comic Con, which started two years ago, has grown into a great event and since it’s a smaller show compared to the massive San Diego ComicCon, you can easily work the room and interact with writers and artists of all genres. The show opens tomorrow through Sunday at the Long Beach Convention…

Vice President Biden Delivers Weekly Address: Tax Cuts & Unemployment Insurance


With President Obama visiting troops in Afghanistan, Vice President Biden delivered this week’s address, in which he said Congress must extend both the middle class tax cuts and unemployment insurance this year. The combined economic blow of raising taxes on the middle class and cutting two million Americans off of unemployment insurance would wind up costing the country hundreds of thousands of jobs. And, to say that during these challenging times, we cannot afford to provide a lifeline to millions of Americans, but we can afford to give tax cuts to the wealthiest two percent is not just bad economic policy, it is also wrong.