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LA Times on Plastic Bag Bans

Plastic Bags

Today’s Los Angeles Times editorial pages weigh in on the various proposals in Sacramento to ban plastic bags from stores by calling for a basic fee for their use. This would encourage consumers to be more thoughtful when it comes to using re-usable bags

Irvine’s Pervs in the Park Ordinance is Unconstitutional

Harvard Park, Irvine

One of the platforms that Irvine Republicans ran on in November’s election was how Council member Larry Agran weakened a county ordinance to protect kids in Irvine’s park against child sexual predators and child pornographers complete with a nasty hit piece with a photo of a hooded pervert stalking little kids. That pervert was later…

An Email from a Conservative

Jim Bieber, who runs a public affairs firm and handles a lot of conservative clients, took me to task for the post I put up about referencing resigned-Alaska govenor and failed VP candidate Sarah Palin’s defense of her website’s gunsight targets and language of “reload” in the wake of the Rep. Giffords shooting as a…

Rep. Royce Ties Arizona Shooting to Fairness Doctrine (huh?)

Fallout from the Arizona shooting continues to reverberate from Washington DC to Orange County.  Last week, Irvine City Council member and 2010 Democratic congressional candidate Beth Krom weighed in with a letter to the editor in the OC Register calling the right wing media to task for elevating the rhetoric. Key points from Krom’s letter:…