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Republican Candidate for Governor is a Registered Sex Offender, Born-Again Tea Partier


The Los Angeles Times story on this Republican candidate for governor doesn’t do Glenn Champ from Tollhouse, California justice.  You have to go to his website to read his platform for governor.  As a Democrat, I can only pray that Republicans embrace more candidates like Champ. Champ is a barely functional literate, born-again Christian, Tea…

President Arnold?


    You read that right.  Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has begun an intense lobbying effort to change U.S. law to allow him to run for President in 2016. You have to wonder if the effort is successful, would Jon Fleischman’s man crush for the Governator come back in full bloom? From the New…

Brown Signs Important Legislation Into Law

Governor Jerry Brown Keynotes 17th Annual Truman Dinner in Irvine - Photo: Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register (click Image for more photos)

Last week California Governor Jerry Brown signed two pieces of legislation the we want to take note of. Over the irrational objection of business groups, Brown signed AB 10 which will implement an increase in the state minimum wage. He also signed AB 701, settling the VLFAA dispute between the State and the County of Orange