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Amante Develops Amnesia, and Takes the Low Road Again

After 24 hours, the team at the City of Tustin finally managed to get the video of Tuesday night’s council meeting up and running.  And Pam Keller was eloquent and classy in dressing down Boss Tweed Jerry Amante for being a bully and refusing to work with Councilwoman Deborah Gavello.  In brief remarks at the…

Tustin’s Gavello Elected Vice President

That sound you heard was Tustin City Council member Jerry Amante falling off his chair (no 3.9 aftershock I’m afraid) and I assure you the headline is entirely accurate.  But the Gavello from Tustin I’m writing about is Natalie Gavello.  She’s a sophomore and last week, she was elected Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Oddly…

No Pie for Amante

Councilwoman Deborah Gavello -Tustin

It’s not even July 4th but there were plenty of fireworks in Tustin at last Tuesday’s city council meeting.  Gentle readers, I direct you to the video of said meeting here and scroll ahead to abut the 44 minute mark to listen to Councilwoman Deborah Gavello’s comments directed at fellow Council member Jerry Amante, and…

FPPC Takes A Step Backwards On Ethics


In a 3-2 vote, the Fair Political Practices Commission passed a rule that will exempt city council members from conflict-of interest regulations that prohibited them from voting on their own appointments to paid boards and commissions.

Former Tustin Mayor Target of Christian Broadcasting Lawsuit

  Hat tip to the OC Register and Our Town Tustin blog for this story about former Tustin Mayor, council member, and Jerry Amante-confidante Doug Davert who’s in hot water over a federal lawsuit filed against his law firm by the granddaughter of TBN leader Jan Crouch. From the Register’s story:  Observers have often wondered…