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Sherri Loveland to run for Tustin City Council

Long time Tustin community activist Sherri Loveland has filed to fill one of the vacant seats on the Tustin City Council.   We met her last week at a fundraiser for Santa Ana Council member David Benavides and she’s smart, she’s committed, and she’s charming — basically everything the anti-Jerry Amante and she’s just what Tustin…

A Retraction and Apology to Tustin’s William Huston

Due to information provided by a source, TheLiberalOC needs to retract an element of reporting from this post written shortly after the primary election.  The documentation we were shown indicated that AD-70 candidate Jery Amante had received a donation from Tustin City Manager William Huston, that we reported was in violation of of the code of…

The AD-70 Race’s Biggest Winner: Melissa Fox

While watching the returns for the Republican primary in the AD-70 race, it should be obvious that the biggest winner of the primary election for this seat last night was Melissa Fox. She came in with more than 10,600 votes surpassing even Republican primary winner Don Wagner by a few hundred votes. We’re hoping Wagner shows the willingness to debate Fox for this seat and often.

Choi throws pro-education Irvine parents under the bus

One of the interesting side stories in the side show “I know you are but what am I” battles between Irvine council member and AD-70 GOP candidate Steven Choi and Tustin Mayor and AD-70 candidate Jerry Amante is the news that Choi has thrown Irvine’s pro-education parents under the bus as he pursues political power…

Sidhu Hit Piece on Nelson Coming?

Sources tell the LiberalOC a new mailer that smacks Shawn Nelson for his day job of being a criminal defense lawyer who represents people accused of various sex crimes is about to hit the mailboxes in the 4th district.  And sources say the mailer is alledgely connected to Republican Anaheim council member Harry Sidhu.  The…

Allies of Jerry Amante use Liberal OC’s Report of Steven Choi’s Carpetbagging to Call for a Criminal Complaint for Election Fraud

A Liberal OC post about Irvine Council member Steven Choi’s residency in AD-70 is repeatedly referenced in a request for an investigation into charges of election/voter fraud filed by Tustin council member Jerry Amante’s pal Doug Davert. You can read about the entire complaint by going to Internet Truth Squad’s website and despite it’s claim they’ve been outing corruption since 2004, the Choi complaint is the only item you can read about