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Costa Mesa Smack Down?

Councilman Jim Righeimer - Costa Mesa, Photo: Chris Prevatt

In what may be the most under-publicized event of its kind in recent memory, the League of Women Voters of Orange County will host a panel discussion this Friday at noon on the subject of Costa Mesa’s restructuring.

Costa Mesa: Sometimes little things reveal hidden truths


I’m not sure that pointing out the excess of ceremonial badges is a distraction from the budget issues facing Costa Mesa. Rather, it seems to focus a “ruby” red laser on the arrogance and privileged attitude of these so called budget eagles. And given Mensinger’s personal record of allegedly throwing his weight and Reserve Sheriff’s Badge around…

Did Galloway really think nobody would notice?

Fourth District Supervisor candidate Lorri Galloway has reported a payment of $850 to the same property management company that she was renting her home from. “Galloway said the payment was not for rent for her personal living quarters — it was for her campaign headquarters, which was on the same property.

Moorlach chooses his new Chief of Staff

H/T to Jennifer Muir over at Total Buzz for this story from last week that I some how missed. Apparently Supervisor John Moorlach has choosen his current Deputy Chief of Staff, Rick Francis, to replace his Court Jester and all around “mini-me” Mario Mainero. Supervisor John Moorlach’s chief of staff Mario Mainero will step down from his…

No Budget, IOUs, Home for the Holiday Weekend

From the Orange County Register’s Jennifer Muir and Brian Joseph: SACRAMENTO – Lawmakers headed home Thursday without a budget deal, as the state controller’s office began printing tens of thousands of IOUs, leaving vendors, municipal governments and students who receive financial aid bracing for the worst.  Action on the budget appears to be stalled until Monday,…