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Irvine Council Majority Running Scared of Possible State Probe

Jeff Lalloway and Christina Shea with Irvine Mayor Steven Choi-2014

TheLiberalOC has learned the City of Irvine has directed the city’s lobbyist to do everything possible to persuade a State Legislative audit committee from investigating the conduct of the city’s two-person audit sub-committee and the investigators of a $1.3 million “audit” that cherry-picked witnesses and demanded private business records of Great Park contractors other clients.…

Forde & Mollrich Offer Rebuttal to Great Park Investigation for State Investigation of Audit Subcommittee

Shea's Facebook Lie since corrected

We received this news release from Forde & Mollrich over the weekend and are publishing it in advance of Wednesday’s meeting in Sacramento where a State Assembly Subcommittee will decide whether or not to investigate what amounts to a taxpayer-funded partisan witch hunt over the Great Park. The Republican Majority used sole source contracts and…

Joint Legislation Audit Committee May Audit Irvine City Council over Great Park Investigation

Shea's Facebook Lie since corrected

The LiberalOC has learned that the city of Irvine has been notified by Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D-Carson) of AD-64, who chairs the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, that the Committee will consider a request to conduct an audit of the Irvine City Council and its Audit Subcommittee of Council member Christina Shea and Mayor Pro Tem…