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Supes “Free Willi”-ams to continue business as usual

I’m sure that the fact that Williams personal attorney Phil Greer has represented all of the sitting members of the Board of Supervisors except for John Moorlach couldn’t possibly have played a role in the decisions of Supervisor’s Bates and Nguyen to oppose the solution recommended by CEO Tom Mauk (snark). Bates proposed looking into the matter further when the Board discusses the next County budget in May.

County IT Spending Like Drunken Sailors On No Bid Contracts

The practice of contracting out millions of dollars to outside companies and then failing to monitor their progress has been an ongoing problem, particularly with the County IT department. Now it looks like these guys have been monkeying around with the contracts process. I wonder if the Board will actually do anything to curb this behavior.

Lan Nguyen: Racial Harmonist

Garden Grove Unified School Board Member and Van Tran acolyte Lan Quoc Nguyen is quoted by the Nguoi Viet Daily News as claiming that Caucasian, Black and Latino students fear going to school with Asian children, Vietnamese in particular, because they cannot compete. You can read R. Scott Moxley’s and The Bolsavik’s stories on this latest meltdown…

OC Grand Jury Backs Hutchens on CCW’s

But I’m sure that won’t deter Supervisors Chris Norby and Janet Nguyen, or any of the other wild west advocates out there from continuing to pitch a fit over the policy. The Orange County Register’s Norberto Santana has a scoop on the the Grand Jury report that backs her up on the issue. The Orange County…

Chris Norby – Quite Simply BAT CRAZY!

Fourth District Supervisor Chris Norby has always been a bit eccentric. Whether it is his knack for delivering unsolicited history lessons or his rambling rants, usually I simply pass off his eccentricity with the thought, “that’s Norby.” Known for taking mid-afternoon naps behind the Old Courthouse bushes, Thursday Norby crossed the line over into lulu-land. Tony Saavedra over at…