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Flory Thanks Fullerton Voters

Dear Angels, WE DID IT!  Last Wednesday, the Registrar of Voters certified the election results and I squeaked past Travis Kiger by 29 votes.  Bill is now calling me “Landslide Jan”.  No matter, our task was to take out a well-funded incumbent, and we did it.  Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief…

Kiger is #2

Relax readers, the #2 here isn’t Fullerton Council member Travis Kiger’s position in the last set of votes tabulated by the Registrar of Voters nor is it a euphemism for his political views that a number of Fullerton voters believe.  It’s his position in the short list of short time council members.  Kiger was elected…

Fullerton Council: Flory up by 28


Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley had his staff counting ballots on Saturday to ensure that he meets his “before Thanksgiving” goal of completing the tally of votes from the November 6th election. the counting has resulted in another shift in the lead in the contest for the last of three seats on the  Fullerton City Council.…

Election Day: Seven Days Later

Ballot Count

Seven days ago, Orange County residents went to the polls to select their elected officials and decide several ballot initiatives. For most, the campaign ended on Tuesday. For some, the nail-biting continues into a second week.