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Mayor Ackerman in Irvine?

We got a tip Wednesday morning and a second tip Wednesday afternoon alerting us that State Senator Dick Ackerman had decided to run for Mayor in Irvine once his term in the State Senate is complete.  I called the Senator’s Tustin office Thursday morning, and the person answering the phone said, “It’s the first I’ve…

Irvine Tattler stretches beyond credibility to slime Measure H volunteer

The Irvine Tattler isn’t a blog; it’s a Web-based vehicle that has its digital roots in the Irvine Chronicle, a piece of political literature that reprinted copyrighted news stories without permission. The Irvine Chronicle, oddly enough, used unethically tactics to question the ethics of the Great Park team which consisted of Beth Krom, Larry Agran…

Larry Agran Fundraiser on Tap

Here’s word of a fundraiser for Irvine City Councilman Larry Agran.  No word of if the Agranistas will play the Krommunists in Softball.  Despite what Christina Shea says, Larry and I are not BFFs. But he topped the ticket in his lst election and he has my support for his bid for re-election.

The City of Irvine Takes Down Irvine Tattler Signs

Our friend Allan Bartlett over at the Powder Blue Report hashis panties in a bunch over signs he paid for to promote the little-read Irvine Tattler web site were removed by the cty.  Immediately, Allan believes its the result of a conspiracy involving Larry Agran and filed this post on his blog.

A Letter to IUSD School Board, Schools Chief

Got this via email: April 3, 2008 Trustees of the Irvine Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Gwen Gross Irvine Unified School District 5050 Barranca Parkway Irvine, CA 92604 Dear Trustees and Dr. Gwen Gross: As concerned parents as well as members of the Executive Board of the Irvine Council PTA, we the undersigned respectfully request…