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Irvine’s Budget Outlook for 2010; Reserves are Healthy

Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang, fresh of his listing as one of OC Metro’s “Orange County’s 25 Hottest People,” issued a report on the City of Irvine’s budget outlook for 2010. While revenues are down, strict cost cutting and smaller government have resulted in a healthly rainy day fund — all without cuts to services city residents have come to expect.

The Mayor’s report is listed below. At a time when so many Orange County cities are hurting financially and cutting back, it’s nice to see Irvine’s progressive leadership continues demonstrate quality government with all the compassion that lacks from conservative proposals to cut services to those who need help the most.

Beth Krom on the Radio

Pat Lynch, editor-in-chief and host of “Speak Up” on womensradio.com recently interviewed Irvine’s Beth Krom, who, as most of you know, is running for Congress in the 48th District which is mostly Irvine. Have a listen to the broadcast here. From the article that accompanies the audio interview: “An advocate for balanced planning, ensuring a…

Friends and Enemies

Not long along, Michelle Steele, a conservative Board of Equalization member, attended a fundraiser for Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang.  Steele and Kang have known each other for years and there’s a healthy degree of mutual respect and friendship between the two.  That’s a good thing and a healthy thing. But this appearance launched much teeth…

Freedom Communiations May File Bankruptcy

The report was in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, and I forwarded out a Tweet from OCWeekly yesterday evening. Here is the report from today’s Orange County Register. The Orange County Register’s parent, Freedom Communications, Inc. in Irvine, continues in talks with its lenders about restructuring $770 million in debt, Freedom officials said Sunday.…