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Irvine City News Provides Conservative Alternative to Irvine Community News & Views


There’s a new newspaper in town — a conservative-bent Irvine City News (frequency of publication unknown) — debuted late last month and its being promoted by Irvine’s Republican influencers on social media as the paper with the “real facts” not the stuff published by the Irvine Community News & Views. As someone who loves newspapers,…

Kang to Sue CHA Over Bogus Mailer Supporting Irvine Republicans


The developers funding the Irvine Republican ticket have finally jumped the shark with a mailer than came out Saturday featuring former Irvine Democratic Mayor Sukhee Kang’s photo with text suggesting his support for the Republican ticket. Kang, the city’s first Korean-American mayor who led the city through the toughest part of the Bush recession, was…