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Mayor Ackerman in Irvine?

We got a tip Wednesday morning and a second tip Wednesday afternoon alerting us that State Senator Dick Ackerman had decided to run for Mayor in Irvine once his term in the State Senate is complete.  I called the Senator’s Tustin office Thursday morning, and the person answering the phone said, “It’s the first I’ve…

Larry Agran Fundraiser on Tap

Here’s word of a fundraiser for Irvine City Councilman Larry Agran.  No word of if the Agranistas will play the Krommunists in Softball.  Despite what Christina Shea says, Larry and I are not BFFs. But he topped the ticket in his lst election and he has my support for his bid for re-election.

The City of Irvine Takes Down Irvine Tattler Signs

Our friend Allan Bartlett over at the Powder Blue Report hashis panties in a bunch over signs he paid for to promote the little-read Irvine Tattler web site were removed by the cty.  Immediately, Allan believes its the result of a conspiracy involving Larry Agran and filed this post on his blog.

Krom/Kang Announce Campaign KickOff in Irvine

Received via email:  We hope you got your invitation to the Kick-off Event and Fundraiser for Sukhee Kang for Mayor and Beth Krom for City Council in the mail and are planning to attend. Here are the details: Wednesday, May 7th 6-8 p.m. Four Seasons Restaurant 14120 Culver Drive, Ste. H Heritage Square Shopping Center…

Irvine Tattler

The other blogs are posting articles about the Irvine Tattler set up by self-proclaimed “Former Friend of Larry” Steve Smith, a former Agran staffer.  The stories are re-treds of previously reported stuff; Earl Zucht was a stleath candidate which is why Beth Krom won in 2004 (but no explanation for her landslide win in 2006);…