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Krom launches “Let’s Can Campbell” Food Drive

Irvine council member and candidate for Congress in CD-48 Beth Krom has launched a food drive to help the neediest families in Orange County’s 48th district. It’s a food drive with a message to “can” Rep. John Campbell.  So bring your canned goods and come and meet Beth, who promises to be a lot more…

Steven Choi – The Dean Grose of Irvine

What Steven Choi did at the Democratic Party of Orange County’s Harry S Truman Awards Dinner last Friday night was worse than the conduct of Dean Grose. It is worse because Choi is a non-partisan elected official in the City of Irvine. Because of that when dignitaries of any political party come to visit the city he represents, he owes them the respect due them by virtue of their position.

Shiva Farivar to declare for Irvine City Council

I got this note from Irvine City Council member Beth Krom this morning: I’m Proud To Endorse Shiva Farivar for Irvine City Council 2010! Shiva Farivar has been an active community volunteer and is currently the Chair of the Irvine Community Services Commission. She is bright, creative and committed to serving the best interests of…