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Our Inspirational Quote of the Day

Again, from the book, “What Liberals Believe” comes this gem from fromer US Senator Gary Hart: “I think the religious right is making Jesus into some kind of Old Testament wrathful prophet who is judgmental, divisive and opposed to any notion of liberalism, whereas the teachings of Jesus tell quite a different story.  He was…

A Liberal OC Quote of the Day and a Contest

In honor of today being the first day Gay Marriage is legal in California, I leave you this inspirational quote of the day from the book, What Liberals Believe,” edited by William Martin.  It’s not a quote per se, but an exchange between conservative stalwart Bill Bennett and the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. Bill Bennet:…

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Another gem from “What Liberals Believe” edited by William Martin. “America needs to lead by example, rather than by force.” — Bob Burnett, “A Liberal Foreign Policy: Ten Maxims,” Huffington Post March 1, 2007