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Meltdown in Millville: The Lies and Hypocrisy of Sean Mill

Sean H. Mill

Usually, Santa Ana Planning Commission meetings are boring events.  Permits are debated and approved, commissioners wrap the meetings with non controversial commentary and the meeting is adjourned.  Except for last week’s meeting when acting chair Sean H. Mill used his time for commissioner communications to launch a series of comments that included bouts of paranoia,…

Gov. Rick Perry: Confession of a Homophobe

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PAJNntoRgA[/youtube] I’ve always said if you can’t write, a blank sheet of paper is a signed confession.  Yesterday, a new ad from GOP presidential hopeful Governor Rick Perry debuted to the ire of YouTube.  Let’s change the title of Rick Perry from GOP Presidential hopeful to GOP Presidential homophobe.  As of 2:15 PM today, the…