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Voices From Street Corners (Vol 6)

It was Thursday and I was tired and driving down Alicia Parkway. I was deep in thought as I saw this lady holding up a sign. I pulled aside, grabbed a bottle of water and a snack and went up to talk to her. I admit I was nervous thinking what Jane Doe might think and how she might react. I went up and began with a simple question: What happened & Why are you here?

Voices From Street Corners

Anyone who has driven around South County has seen people at street corners with signs asking for help.    Many have been out of work, are homeless and are truly helpless.   Yet, the governing elite seem to have found religion on the need to be all of a sudden fiscally responsible because there is…

Pedroza and Mill, simply malicious opportunists

I know that sometimes it is better to ignore the crazy B.S. that comes out of Art Pedroza (failed City Council Candidate) and Sean Mill (Santa Ana Planning Commissioner) over on the OrangeJuiceBlog but Sometimes it isn’t. I have been trying, now unsuccessfully, to ignore their antics for the last week since Mill reposted a photo of Aloha holding up…