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Homeless Shelter in Santa Ana Needs More People Like Michelle

I met my friend Michelle Hodgson Bleeker at the Bootcamp I attend; she’s one of those hard-nosed instructors who works you over and makes seated in-and-outs look easy.  She brings the same sort of passion into her weekly volunteer work on behalf of Orange County’s homeless community through her church; an efforts she’s led over…

OC Supes approve Kraemer Site for Homeless Shelter

The Orange County Board of Supervisors will purchase an empty building in Anaheim as the site of a new 200-bed year-round emergency shelter and multi-service center to serve the homeless. Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to purchase the building and land at 1000 N. Kraemer Place in Anaheim. OC Community Resources, the department in charge of…

No Sanctuary for Homeless in Downtown Santa Ana

As the county seat of government, and second largest city, Santa Ana’s Civic Center is a magnet for the homeless. For decades the city has been wrestling with the problem of homelessness with little progress. The City’s most notable accomplishment was in 1992 when Santa Ana passed its anti-camping ordinance in order to eradicate the tent city set up by the homeless in the Civic Center.