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Bands for Bernie. Hookers for Hillary. Campaigning in casinos. What on earth is going on? Why the Nevada Democratic Caucus, of course!

Hookers for Hillary

Before the Nevada Legislature adjourned its last session sine die, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign began organizing here in Nevada. Shortly after Bernie Sanders announced his Presidential Campaign, he began what would become a series of regular visits to Nevada to help build “the political revolution”. But why are they coming here? Why has Nevada become so…

You can’t “Feel the Bern” if the Ideas are Half Baked

democratic donkey

Vox.com’s Matthew Ygelsias, a journalist who has been covering the Bernie Sanders campaign, has written a definitive piece on the Sanders campaign and documents what many Democrats have long thought — Bernie’s plans are short on detail and long on slogans. From the piece: I decided I should dive into the plan myself to learn…

Truman Dinner Welcomes Jason Collins as Guest Speaker

Jason Collins

Jason Collins – who made history becoming the first openly gay NBA basketball player – is joining OC Democrats this year at the Truman Awards. With the Supreme Court’s historic decision legalizing same-sex marriage, Jason is the perfect representative to talk about how far we have come as a country.   He will be speaking on…

Electing Millionaires or Billionaires as President


  The folks at Personal Capital, an outfit that helps people ascertain their assets and net worth, has examined the 2016 presidential candidate field based on the candidate’s net worth.  It’s highly likely the final two nominees for the two major parties will be millionaires.  The infographic above cuts to the chase. From Personal Capital’s…

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Comes to OC June 18

HRC10-2005 056

Former Secretary of State and US Senator officially launched her candidacy for President in New York City this weekend to huge crowds and less than a week later, she’s bringing her campaign to Orange County. Irvine Council member Beth Krom offered this letter about the June 18 event in Newport Beach. I know that, like…