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Hillary Clinton for the Supreme Court

There’s a lot of name dropping over who will be President Obama’s next Supreme Court Justice.  I think the perfect candidate is Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She’s been an effective Secretary of State, was a more than adequate presidential candidate, a great Senator and is a lawyer.  She’s progressive with enough moderation to…

Rep. Loretta Sanchez urges Congress to pressure State Department on Vietnam

Calls on colleagues to sign letter urging Secretary Clinton to label Vietnam a “Country of Particular Concern” for abusing religious freedom. “My colleagues in the Congressional Vietnam Caucus and I are urging Secretary Clinton to take concrete action to hold Vietnam accountable for its severe abuses of religious freedom,” said Rep. Sanchez, who is Co-Chair of the Caucus. “Vietnam has shown a complete disregard for the rights of its citizens, actively suppressing religious activity and persecuting people of faith. It’s time for our country to actually penalize these abuses and place Vietnam back on the State Department’s ‘Countries of Particular Concern’ list.”

Comic Book Artists love Barack Obama

ComicCon in San Diego are akin to the high holy days at my home.  It’s the one time a year I embrace my scifi passions with my son and some like minded friends.  We have good routines for covering the show (long sold out by now) and we spend considerable time mapping out plans to…

Five Ways that Obama Should NOT Emulate Lincoln

Much has been made of Barack Obama’s identification with Abraham Lincoln. Of course, Lincoln makes a powerful role model for any president, especially in troubled times. But there are at least ways in which Obama should not follow Lincoln’s example, and five corresponding ways in which Lincoln should serve Obama as an example of what NOT to do.

Congresswomen Who???

An aide in Governor Paterson’s office has leaked that Congresswomen Gillibrand is his choice to replace Secretary Hillary Clinton in the Senate report the Associated Press. Apparently she’s a Blue-dog Democrat that supports 2nd Amendment unwaveringly. Great we need more Democrats supporting 2nd Amendment rights. Unfortunately she is also the least gay-friendly Democrat in the…