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Five Ways that Obama Should NOT Emulate Lincoln

Much has been made of Barack Obama’s identification with Abraham Lincoln. Of course, Lincoln makes a powerful role model for any president, especially in troubled times. But there are at least ways in which Obama should not follow Lincoln’s example, and five corresponding ways in which Lincoln should serve Obama as an example of what NOT to do.

Congresswomen Who???

An aide in Governor Paterson’s office has leaked that Congresswomen Gillibrand is his choice to replace Secretary Hillary Clinton in the Senate report the Associated Press. Apparently she’s a Blue-dog Democrat that supports 2nd Amendment unwaveringly. Great we need more Democrats supporting 2nd Amendment rights. Unfortunately she is also the least gay-friendly Democrat in the…

Blonde Polar Opposites Capture America’s Attention

Blogger reviews Senator Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearing for her appointment for SOS, and jests about comfort levels of democratic senators who jumped ship from her campaign in the democratic primaries. Blogger also points out that Ann Coulter also had hardly any chance to engage fellow co-host on the view (not that you can’t predict what she’ll say).

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

Rumors are circulating every major news network that Sen. Hillary Clinton has been offered the post of Secretary of State. The rumors started when Hillary Clinton was asked to visit the President elect in Chicago. I predict that if she was offered the job, she will accept it. I can’t think of a single person…

The Choice Couldn’t Be Clearer

(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama) Have you been watching the Democratic Convention this week? I have. I cried during Michelle Obama’s speech. And of course, I was moved to my head to my feet during Hillary Clinton’s speech! I really felt moved after seeing some of my favorite Democrats speak. But you know what’s also…