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Chuck DeVore Thinks “We Consume Too Much Health Care.”

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who hopes to replace Barbara Boxer as California’s junior Senator, was interviewed on Fox News channel today and was asked about his perspective on the Health Care legislation before the Senate. DeVore claims that part of the problem of the costs of our health care system is that because many of us have insurance, we don’t ask about the cost of ourt health care. He thinks that the problem is that doctors are forced to perform too many tests to stave off potential lawsuits.

The Hypocrisy of John McCain – Missing CSPAN Video Footage Found!

Last Friday, Rachel Maddow pointed out the hypocrisy of John McCains outrage over Joe Lieberman being denied a few extra moments by Senator Franken during the debate on health reform legislation. McCain claimed the he had never, in all his years in the Senate, witnessed a member be denied extra time like was done by Senator Franken. Seems in 2002, McCain did exactly the same thing.

Health Care March on Campbell’s Office Draws Hundreds

I was unable to get over to today’s Health Care March in Newport Beach. Fortunately, Martin Wisckol over at the Register was and posted about it on Total Buzz. Health-care reformers rally in Newport Beach After two local town halls focusing on Democrats’ heath-care reform proposal attracted more opponents than backers, advocates for a public…

OC Health March August 31 Targets Congressman Campbell

COMMUNITY “UPRISING” OVER HEALTH REFORM “TOWNHALL” MARCH PLANNED ON OFFICES OF REPUBLICAN JOHN CAMPBELL WHEN:    MONDAY, AUGUST 31 TIME:    11AM TO 1PM PLACE:    610 NEWPORT CENTER DRIVE; NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 Congressman John Campbell, (R-48) has refused to listen to the voices of his constituents demanding a public townhall meeting on the issue of public…

Obama’s Weekly Address: “Phony Claims” about Health Reform

WASHINGTON – In his weekly address, President Obama set the record straight on some of the most pervasive myths about health insurance reform. He addressed a range of “outrageous myths” including that illegal immigrants will be covered, that abortions will be funded by taxpayer dollars, that so-called “death panels” will be formed to decide who…