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Obama Weekly Address: Benefits and Successes of Health Reform Already in Effect

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama highlighted the ways in which health reform is already holding insurance companies more accountable and giving consumers more control. Implementing everything in the new law will not happen overnight. But already, consumers are getting a break from unfair rate hikes and insurance companies will no longer drop coverage for people when the get sick.

The AHIP Singers

Not sure what day this performance took place. Would have loved to witness it live. The performance took place at a recent gathering sponsored by AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans). They are “the national association representing nearly 1,300 member companies.”  They released a “study” recently that caused quite a bit of consternation. It claimed to…

Health Insurance Reform: What’s Next?

With the Senate Finance Committee passing its version of Health Insurance Reform Tuesday on a 14-9 vote you may be asking yourself; what next? There are two bills in the Senate and three in the House that now need to be combined into individual bills for each house to vote on. This means for example,…