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Hannity Interviews Limbaugh on Obama

[youtube]oyYT9DC8hYU[/youtube] You need to see this for yourself.  Keep in mind how these two clownshoes regarding George W. Bush during his presidency.  And remember, they are defending an ideaology – conservatism – that was a massive fail in the last term of President George W. Bush. The premise that the mainstream media hasn’t vetted Barack…

Did she or didn’t she?

HT to Colin Stewart at the OC Register for this little story about Ann Coulter. The question is quite simple: did Ann have some work done? Given the OC’s rich history and experience with Plastic Surgery and the fact that Ann is closer to 50 than 40, did the conservative queen of mean recently undergo…

John Cleese Punks Sean Hannity

Keith Olberman read this John Cleese written poem tonight on Countdown on MSNBC. Ode to Sean Hannity by John Cleese Aping urbanity Oozing with vanity Plump as a manatee Faking humanity Journalistic calamity Intellectual inanity Fox Noise insanity You’re a profanity Hannity The video that inspired the poem, after the jump.