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Beth Krom Reminds Irvine Voters ….

Councilmember Beth Krom welcomes Pelosi.

The developers funding IEs against Mary Ann Gaido for Mayor need to make up their minds — either gaido voted for every development that ever was approved by the city or she missed tons of meetings.  Neither is true, but it does show a shocking measure of Panic on the part of Irvine Republicans and…

Gafcon issues statement on State Auditor’s Audit of Great Park Audit


  California State Auditor Releases Report Criticizing City of Irvine’s Poor Governance of $1.7 Million Review of the Orange County Great Park Independent State Investigation Finds Flaws in the City’s Audit Process Compromised Audit’s Credibility SAN DIEGO, CA (August 9, 2016) – The City of Irvine exercised “poor governance” in its $1.7 million review of…