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News Roundup: 7-01-09

So in the news today we have a few items that you may want to know about. Governor, lawmakers blow deadline as budget hole deepens: The legislature and governor could not agree to anything yesterday. So we have now lost $3.3 billion in savings that would have been available to meet the shortfall. The state…

Bass on Democrat’s Responsible Budget Plan

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly address, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) outlines the Democratic budget proposal the Assembly and Senate will vote on next week. They say that while the Democratic budget proposal will have real and painful cuts, it rejects Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposals to cut $700 million from schools, eliminate California’s…

Why I Love Conservative Talk Radio’s John and Ken Show

If you’re happy that Rush Limbaugh has been giving headaches to Republican leaders trying to find a popular political stance for their shrinking party, you’ll be thrilled to hear about the migraines that a conservative-libertarian talk radio duo named John and Ken are giving to the leadership of the Republican Party in California. While Limbaugh…

Four Obama Inspired Lessons for California Democrats – Part Two

Last week I wrote that the Obama campaign should serve as a master class in winning elections for Democrats, but, unfortunately, not enough California Democrats are playing attention to the Obama campaign’s most important lessons. We’ve dealt with the first two lessons — (1) Blame Republicans and Present a Democratic Solution, and (2) Use the Internet. The remaining two Obama inspired lessons are (3) Expand the Electorate, and (4) Champion the Middle Class. Let’s tackle them now.