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Arnold’s Farewell Address

The Governator has released his final address to the people of California. Arnold has managed in his seven years in office to destroy the California economy. He has of course had a little help from his Republican Party allies.

Senator Correa Applauds Governor’s Signature of Chelsea’s Law

“A crime against a child is despicable. Sex crimes are crimes against an individual’s soul, a young victim’s life is changed beyond repair, and that is morally reprehensible. As a co-author of Chelsea’s Law, I am very pleased to see that the Governor has signed this very important measure. Statistics show that on the average, a sex predator strikes eight times before he or she is apprehended. As legislators and as a society, we have to do everything we can to stop individuals who commit these horrible crimes before they strike again. One victim is one too many. AB 1844 is a good measure and part of a continuing process to press for greater protections for our children and put away these types of predators once and for all.”

Sanchez: Schwarzenegger balancing budget on the backs of teachers and students

Once again, the state legislature is showing just how out-of-touch it is with the priorities of millions of California families. In an effort to pay their bills, state lawmakers have decided to withhold billions of dollars in funding for teachers and students. Given the severity and potential impact of these cuts, you would think California’s legislators would redouble their efforts to find another solution. Instead, they are preparing to adjourn at the end of August – without a solvent budget.

Fairgrounds For Sale Again: Solorio Speaks Out

 Assemblyman Solorio Issues Statement Regarding New RFP to Sell OC Fairgrounds SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Anaheim) issued the following statement regarding the Department of General Services’ new formal Request for Proposals (RFP) to sell the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. “The Governor is exercising his options regarding how to sell the OC…

Federal Judge Lifts Stay In Prop 8 Ruling

This morning, U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn R. Walker issued another ruling in related to his landmark decision that declared Proposition 8 (California’s Constitutional Amendment banning same-gender marriages) unconstitutional. Last Friday, both sides in the case submitted arguments to Judge Walker about whether he should continue to retain the stay on his order until any pending appeal is decided, or lift the stay he placed shortly after issuing his decision last week.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez calls on state to release Orange County’s fair share of forclosure-prevention funds

“One of the saddest consequences of the recession has been the foreclosure crisis, which continues to affect the entire Orange County community,” said Rep. Sanchez. “The California Housing Financing Agency needs to hear how badly we’re hurting before it decides how to distribute millions in federal funding. I hope this letter will get Orange County families their fair share.”

The Governor Owes Back Taxes

Well, well well. Owing back taxes is no longer than exclusive domain of Obama administration appointees.

California Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger appears to owe tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes according to documents filed in LA Superior Court. In all, the Governator owes nearly $80,000. See the court filings here.