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What’s The Matter With Anaheim?

Contract employees operate in a virtual grey area. In this arena their compliance with regulations is obscured because there is no direct supervision… You’ve got contract employees dishing up hefty amounts of work to other outside contractors and themselves.

Santa Ana Transparency Comes To Screeching Halt

Santa Ana City Hall

From the Voice of OC:”Media relations have not been a strong suit of the city of Santa Ana in recent years. In fact, many reporters view city officials as openly hostile to public information and open meeting laws.”The City hired a short-term Public Information officer, but the money ran out June 30th.

Costa Mesa’s Mr. Sunshine Bill Lobdell

Back in March the residents of Costa Mesa were promised by CEO Tom Hatch that communications consultant Bill Lobdell would “create a communications structure that will put Costa Mesa on a path to being the nation’s most transparent government.”